Welsh Heroes

Welsh Heroes

As a school in Wales we are extremely proud of our Welsh heritage and the fabulous opportunities available to anyone who lives in this country. As a school we want to recognise and embrace our Welsh identity, far more than we have, and we want to ensure that each and every one of our learners takes pride in being Welsh or, if you not Welsh, be proud to live here and be part of our rich and diverse culture. 

We will be using the Welsh language, in our lessons and on the corridors, and will be encouraging out learners to also do so.  As well as improving the use of the Welsh language, in school, we also want to develop understanding of our Welsh heritage and culture.  We are going to start this week by launching our competition to find CQHS top 10 Welsh heroes.  Each day you will hear about a famous Welsh person, some still living, others hundreds of years’ old who have done something amazing for our country and sometimes for Great Britain or even the world.  They will come from all walks of life and may be politicians, sportsmen and women, scientists, writers, composers and much more.  Listen carefully and decide who you think should be in our top ten.  You will get the chance to vote after all the candidates have been discussed and images of the top ten will grace the walls of our school for future learners to see and discuss.  The top four will be the names of our new House system. 

Try to get involved in as many of our activities as you can and remember that we are a Welsh school and we should remember and celebrate that every day. 

Lady Rhondda Margaret Haig Thomas

Our first Welsh hero is the truly amazing Lady Rhondda Margaret Haig Thomas (1883-1958) Suffragette and global business women.  Our Pastoral Coordinator, Mrs Sue Messham explains why she thinks Lady Rhondda should be in our top 10. 

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Alfred Russel Wallace

Our Welsh hero today, for your consideration, is Alfred Russel Wallace, 1823-1913, naturalist, best known for independently proposing the theory of evolution by natural selection.  He is championed by our very own scientist Mrs Abbie Kavanagh.

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Ian Rush

Our Welsh hero today is the football legend that is Ian Rush.  At club level Rush played for Liverpool from 1980–1987 and 1988–1996. He is the club‘s all-time leading goal scorer. He represented the Welsh national football team 73 times,scoring 28 international goals.  He is championed today by our very own football fan Mrs Davis.

Please click here to see what Mrs Davis has to say about Ian Rush

Owain Glyndwr

Our final Welsh, hero this week, is Owain Glyndŵr, (c. 1354—c. 1416), self-proclaimed prince of Wales whose unsuccessful rebellion against England was the last major Welsh attempt to throw off English rule. His name is still remembered and revered today. Mr Jarvis, an avid fan of Owain, tells you why he should be in our top 10.

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