Inclement Weather Procedure

February 2020

In the event of extreme inclement weather, all schools have to consider very carefully the health & safety of learners, parents transporting learners and staff travelling to and from their schools.  No schools take the decision to close the school lightly.

At this school, should it be necessary to implement a closure we will let parents and carers know by the following means:

We will also contract local media, although we cannot guarantee how punctually they will share this.

Parents and carers are asked to understand that sometimes power cuts accompany inclement weather and this may prevent the use of the website, Twitter and Schoop.  In such cases, we would rely on local media.

School transport during Bad Weather:

If your child / children is / are entitled to Free School Transport please refer to the School Transport webpage for information regarding bad weather conditions. Please visit or phone Flintshire’s School Transport Team on 01352 701234. For public transport, passengers should check with transport providers before travelling or contact Flintshire’s Transport Team on 01352 701234 or Traveline Cymru on 0800 464 0000.