School Uniform

The aims of our policy are to enable learners to identify with their school and to dress appropriately for a focused learning environment. The wearing of correct school uniform is considered to be of a high priority and a compulsory element of attending Connah’s Quay High School.

In general, we are extremely proud of the standard of uniform worn by our learners. However, learners arriving at school in inappropriate uniform will be sent home to get changed.

The school uniform has been the product of a widespread consultation and been approved by the governors. The school uniform is reviewed annually. Ultimately, all decisions relating to our uniform policy are decided by the school, so if you have any uncertainty in interpreting the policy please contact school before purchasing the item.

 Uniform requirements

  • White shirt and school tie
  • Connah’s Quay High School blazer with school logo
  • Connah’s Quay High School v-neck sweater (optional)
  • Connah’s Quay High School grey trouser – boys / girls
  • Connah’s Quay High School grey skirt
  • Plain dark socks or tights and black solid shoes (not training shoes or boots) – there shouldn’t be any adornments on the socks e.g. bows.
  • Outdoor clothing is expected to reflect the school uniform (no large logos) and may not be worn around school.

P.E Uniform

  • School black shorts
  • School T-shirt or polo shirt
  • School Skort (optional)
  • School leggings (optional)
  • School 1/4 zip top (optional)
  • Shoes – Training shoes


  • School black shorts
  • School T-shirt or polo shirt
  • Black football socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots/shin pads
  • School 1/4 zip top (optional)

SAFETY – Shin pads for hockey/football. Gum shield/mouth guard (is not compulsory
but is highly recommended)

Football boots with metal studs or blades are NOT permitted.

Uniform Expectations

Please note the expectations around footwear will change, from September, as all learners will now be required to wear shoes and not trainers.  The school PE uniform has also changed.  Please see posters for more detail


The only jewellery allowed in school is a wristwatch and one pair of stud earrings;
other facial and body jewellery is not acceptable. We will not accept the argument that jewellery has to be kept in on medical grounds. Our advice is that the pierced hole can remain open during the school day without any adverse effects. Unacceptable jewellery will be confiscated and returned to the learner at the end of the day, or if the situation persists, the jewellery will be placed in the school safe until collected by a parent.


Extreme hair styles and/or colours are not permitted, this includes hairstyles with two or more significantly different lengths e.g. shaved sides etc.  Natural hair shades only.  Long hair must be tied back in practical subjects for health and safety reasons. Any form of head wear is not permitted unless on religious or medical grounds.  Haircuts should not be less than a number 4


Make up

Any make up worn must not be obvious and false eyelashes are not allowed. False
nails or nails that are fashionably long are also not permitted

To view the full policy please click here.

Any questions please contact your child’s form tutor or pastoral co-ordinator

The uniform is bespoke and all items need to be purchased from the two following

Queensferry Sports

Forrester Sports

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