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Learners have access on Mathswatch to the whole curriculum and are able to watch videos and answer questions on any topic they choose.  Interactive questions are better than worksheets as you will find out whether they are correct straight away.  You can also send messages about questions to your teacher, who will respond within a reasonable amount of time.   Mathswatch can be accessed via the following link vle.mathswatch.co.uk.  Please see below for your Google Classrooms code:  

Username: first initial/surname@cqhs               e.g. jbloggs@cqhs

Password: cqhsmaths

Learners also have passwords to access TTRockstars –  https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student

Mr Wilson – 7C1 -3ujbqmd,  8Q2 – Icisvbt, 8C3 – rbsmgv6, 9C4 – p5awjli, 10Q4 –k4mnngi

Mr Hewitt – 9Q1- xwrxtn5, 10Q2 – p4qtjvd, 10C2 – p4qtjvd, 11C3 – zd3uojx

Mrs Davies-Lamb – 8C2 – winwwpl, 9C3 – ae4qebc, 10C4 – i4uisdy, 11Q4 – qo44suw

Dr Blanchard11CM5/Ma – qo44suw, 10QM3/Ma – i4uisdy, 9QM3/ Ma – jtjfqrn, 8QM1/ Ma – oymd27m, 7C2M/Ma – zhfajio, 7Q3M/Ma – uc7klif

Mr Park – 10Q1 Maths – zjvirhl, 11C4 Maths – qrx4f7r

Mr Henry – 10CMa3 – 7667jol, 11QMa3 – uw7bug6, 7qMa2 – cmqirlr, 7CMa4 – akad3lp, 9CMa2 – 4jy3juw, 9QMa4 – qjhwjqr

Mr Roberts – Year 8-  ijcec2o, Year 9 – gprtcr6, Year 10 – va7wfdy, Year 11 –  wrpacoj

Mrs Davis – zxcolkc

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Please see below for the Google Classrooms class codes:

Anne Bradshaw – Year 7 – y7otesp, Year 8 – ncjivqm, Year 9 – cektnsw, Year 10 Lang (10QE4, 10CE4, 10CE5 and 10CE6) –  5cjcgx4, Year 10 Lit (10QE1, 10CE1, 10QE2, 10CE2, 10QE3 and 10CE3) – lzik5af, Year 11 – 62qdeu3

Miss Weale – 7LWE Tutor code – 43lr447, 8SHI Tutor code – t3a6u2f, 9MWA Tutor code – rgtow4y

KS4 classes contain lessons and revision materials and past papers. 

KS3 classes contain literacy work and a project for each year group. Accelerated Reader/private reading can also be undertaken at home.

Literature GCSE PodsEpisode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5

Accelerated Reader – Please note that Accelerated Reader has made over 7000 books available to read for free online.  This includes fiction and non-fiction books.  Please click here to access.

28 Days – KS3 Ideas, Harry Potter,

Literary Loo Roll Challenge


National Literacy Trust

News First 1-7 May

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Please see below for the Google Classrooms class codes:

ScienceYear 7, 8 and 9 – ygh2mvu, Year 10 – miricqc, Year 11 – k41daj6

Revision Resource, Khan Academy, Preparing for A-Levels

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Expressive Arts

Please see below for the Google Classrooms class codes:

DramaMrs Henderson – Year 10 – nvzwlec, Year 11 – 223hk5s, KS3 Drama – William Shakespeare Project, td34hgf

Performing Arts – Mr Stanford  3pmua7i

GraphicsMs Gallagher – YEAR 11 Graphics/ACD – 2sw2xxj

Photography Ms Gallagher – 5delpf5, Year 10 – hoqgifa

ConstructionMr Craughwell – Year 10 – lfoi3iq Complete all past papers using revision guides and Unit 1 PowerPoint.

EngineeringMr Craughwell – Year 10 – hazjy3b Complete all past papers using revision guides and PowerPoints.

Expressive ArtsKS3 – dlu5dvr, KS4 – bi2cywz

Music Mr Bennett – btfyhmb Year 7, Years 8/9, Year 10/11 – Music Setwork 1, Music Setwork 1 Score, Music Setwork 2, Music Setwork 2 Score, Music WJEC Appraisal

Textiles – Year 10 – ikrt2ml

Art,Craft & Design – a77tiyh.

Art, Craft & Design – Miss Owen – Year 10-  fk7dj34

Year 11 (Art, , 3D Design, Textiles & Photography) – please follow Unit 2 PowerPoint to complete tasks up to final design.  Year 10/11 Music – please use Google Classrooms to access revision guide and use https://hwb.gov.wales/ which has useful listening/appraising and composition exercises which can be easily accessed and worked through by the learners on the website.. Year 10Construction – Please complete past papers and create revision cards using the Unit 1 PowerPoint

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ICT/ Business


All year 7, 8, 9 ICT learners should be already in a google classroom, work will be placed on there

Please see below for the Google Classrooms class codes:

ICT – Year 10/Year 11 – czo7fz6

Business – q2dmmic 

Computer Science – 47jvmbq

Excel GuidesExcel Tour, Excel Tips & Tricks, Excel Formulas, Formulas Getting Started, Sim If Function, Creating a Drop Down List, Count If Function, Beyond Pie Charts50 Excel Shortcuts for Windows, 50 Excel Shortcuts for Mac, 10 Tips for Excel Charts

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Please see below for the Google Classrooms class codes:

HistoryAll teachers – Year 7 – hhfkaqf, Year 8 – bb2kijx, Year 9 – jkg5xvk, Year 10 – 6tf2o7s, Year 11- b3hzigm

RSAll Teachers – Year 7 – 6cnfw2b, Year 8 – rx7pgg7, Year 9 – xknyasj

For Geography all years have already joined the relevant Google Classrooms

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Health and Well-being

 PEMr Morris – Year 10/Year 11 – kv2cya7 

Health, Social and Childcare – Miss Weale, Mrs Parry-Roberts – Year 10 – k376g6r 

Health & Social CareMrs Davies Year 10 – NHS Task – Please look at different job roles in health and social care and childcare.  Find out what qualifications, skills and qualities are required for each job. Research different health campaigns eg change 4 life. Comment on the target audience and the impact of the campaign.  Look at past papers on WJEC website for health and social care and childcare – they will be the old specifications but will still be useful for revision.

ASDANMiss Weale – Year 10 – 2j7ikzj, Year 11 – nbdgewy 

FoodMrs Davies – BBC Bitesize Food

Health and wellbeingMrs Parry-Roberts – 7C4M 3r437mf, 7C3M – aydrkuh 

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Please see below for the Google Classrooms class codes:

German Mr Sweeney – 7Q1E/De – 6eolijg, 7Q3E/De – f6x4wlx, 7Q4/De – rsdffxy, 8Q3A/De – 5sjustx, 8Q1A/De – hkgabwi, 9C2B/De – iq7lbic, 10De3/De – w6tz35b,  11De1/De – p6mu4hb

German – Year 11 – oncplae, Year 10 – ec6p3fl, Year 9 – bg3bemr, Year 8 – kazvb5c, Year 7 – gmzm55e

French Year 11 – fzofaoa, Year 10 – hza5sur, Year 9 – 4bygvac, Year 8 – kw3fbnc, Year 7 – oltttp4

Welsh Year 116lmzhc, Year 10 – qcoeu6g, Year 9 – 5jyhicp, Year 8 – gz53k47, Year 7 – ib6ea6h

 Language Skills Challenge – Google Classroom Code – mmrvncr

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Skills Challenge


Please see below for the Google Classrooms class codes:

KS3 TechnologyMr Jennings – Year 7 – hyn7vkm, Year 8 – j2egpiy, Year 9 – k2hu2dj

KS4 EngineeringMr Jennings –  Year 10 – bos4dut, Year 11 – kfu7a5i

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