Following the announcement yesterday by the Minister for Education in Wales, Kirsty Williams, it is now clear that formal summer examinations will not take place this academic year. However, as a school, we are still awaiting further details on the series of in-school tests that learners will need to undertake towards their final grades in the spring term, between February and March 2021. We will of course, keep you informed as soon as we have any further details.  

However, what is clear is that a significant percentage of the final centre assessed grade will be focused on work the learners have produced throughout this academic year. That has not changed and it is clear that only a small amount of the overall weighting will be applied to the tests. This is important as it reiterates our previous message about learners ensuring that all work they produce reflects their ability. As a school we can only award grades on the evidence of work we actually have, not on the potential we think learners might have achieved.  

We are concerned that our learners recognise there will be no opportunity for ‘catch-up’ later in the year, when learners typically cram their learning in as they approach the examination season. Having a process of centre assessed grades means that a consistent effort needs to be applied throughout the course to ensure all work produced and submitted for assessment reflects the potential and ability of the learner.  

We recognise how difficult the current situation is for our learners and we are keen to offer as much support as possible. Please let us know if you have not received your Satchel:One log in.  This is an invaluable tool in us working together to ensure you are aware of and can support with work that has been set by the school.  

Please contact Mrs Messham, Pastoral Co-ordinator for year 11 or Mr Dyfan Jarvis, Pastoral Co-ordinator for year 10 if you have any issues.