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Virtual Speech Night Challenge

We are very excited to announce that a ‘Virtual Speech Night’ challenge will run again this year.

We are challenging all learners to film themselves giving a short speech on one of the issues surrounding the situation we currently find ourselves in, as a consequence of COVID 19.

Learners will be judged by a small panel of staff and there will be prizes for first place and runner up in each year group. (First place £25 Amazon voucher, runner up £10 Amazon voucher)

Choose from one the following questions to base your speech on:

  • Should secondary schools should re-open for all learners, in Wales, before the end of the academic year?
  • Do you agree that the British Government has tackled the Coronavirus pandemic correctly?
  • Has the Welsh Government approached COVID 19 better than the UK Government
  • Lockdown has been positive in many ways, especially in the way communities have pulled together. How far would you agree with this statement?
  • Would you agree that lockdown has been beneficial to the environment, across the world.
  • New Zealand has made a far better job of tackling the Coronavirus that any other country?
  • Has social media made lockdown more bearable for families who have been forced to isolate?
  • Is distance learning proving to be a better way for young people to learn?
  • Can schools ever return to ‘normal’ even after the pandemic has ended?
  • Is social media a positive way of enabling teenagers to keep in touch with friends during lockdown?
  • Is lockdown encouraging young people to spend too long gaming?

If you would like to base your speech on a different topic, email Mrs Woosey at susan.woosey@connahsquayhs.org.uk

For more information see the speech night launch video


Upload all entries to Google Classroom. Class code – smlnxpz

Deadline for all entries 15th June 2020

Winners announced 22nd June 2020


Start by completing thorough research on the topic you have chosen 

Make sure that you have facts and figures, which are accurate, for both sides of the argument  

You must discuss both sides of the argument in equal measure 

Aim to spend one minute on each side of the argument  

Spend the last 40 seconds giving your opinion and your final conclusion 

Back up everything that you say with evidence  



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